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School bags and backpacks at Koffer24

It's hard to believe how quickly time flies, but at some point the time will inevitably come: the little ones will grow up and start kindergarten and then school. At koffer24, you will find a large selection of school bags, school backpacks and kindergarten bags to equip your child for the next stage of life. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what is important. Let us inspire you and find the right bag for school and kindergarten.

Kindergarten bags for the little ones

Starting kindergarten marks the beginning of a completely new and exciting time for both parents and children. It goes without saying that this time is accompanied by both joy and worry. But thanks to koffer24, you can be sure of one thing: your child will be well equipped with the right kindergarten bag and ready for everyday life at kindergarten. Kindergarten bags should have soft carrying straps. They have a special size for children. After all, the little ones often like to carry their bag themselves and show how big they already are. Despite the small size of kindergarten bags, they have enough space for a lunch box, water bottle, rain jacket and more.

Well equipped for school

Many children look forward to their first day at school for a long time. A new phase of life begins and everything is exciting. The school bag is the daily companion. It should therefore meet certain requirements. A fun, nice pattern is of course important. But ergonomics are even more important. Schoolchildren always have a heavy load to carry with various books and exercise books. The school bag should therefore be of high quality and have adjustable straps, padded carrying straps and a robust and stable finish. Clearly arranged compartments inside and out ensure order and make your child's everyday school life easier. In secondary school, school backpacks are more popular. Ideally, you should choose this together with your child. After all, looks are particularly important at this age.