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Roll-top backpacks

For a long time, roll-top backpacks were only used by bike couriers. However, as they are not only comfortable but also extremely practical, they are now also becoming increasingly popular as everyday backpacks. The highlight of a roll-top backpack is that it can be closed by rolling up the top end. This means that the height and volume can be flexibly adjusted. Typically, roll-top backpacks have an elongated, upright shape, which makes them look very casual. This special shape also makes them particularly comfortable to carry. Thanks to the ingenious fastening mechanism, roll-top backpacks are very versatile. They offer plenty of storage space, but can be rolled up further if you only have a few items to transport, giving your belongings a good hold so that they don't get thrown around.

A roll-top backpack for every occasion

As roll-top backpacks are companions in many situations, they are available in many different designs and versions. You can take a roll-top backpack with you on a mountain hike as well as on a bike tour or simply to work in everyday life. At koffer24 you will find many models in different sizes and colors. So you can choose which roll-top backpack you like and meets your requirements. Of course, we also pay attention to the high quality of the products so that you can enjoy your new roll-top for a long time.

Practical roll-top backpack for your everyday life

Roll-top backpacks are still relatively new and are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to conventional rucksacks, roll-top rucksacks are longer and can be 'reduced' in size as required. The word "roll-top" says it all, meaning you can roll up the upper part of the backpack. This allows you to store things individually and securely. While there is a lot of space in a conventional backpack with little content, the roll-top backpack can reduce the volume by rolling it up, making the backpack smaller overall. It is particularly easy to carry, comfortable and protects your belongings.

Roll-top backpack for many occasions

A backpack itself is a practical thing. The roll-top backpack also offers other advantages that you should be aware of:

  • Whether you want to carry a lot or a little, with a roll-top backpack you can adjust the volume as you wish.
  • Conventional backpacks often fail in rain or moisture. The roll-top backpack is different, as it can be rolled up to close tightly at the top, preventing water from getting in.
  • Thanks to pockets and compartments on the inside and outside, you can store your items more easily and always know where to find what you need.
  • Modern roll-top backpacks are particularly lightweight, which makes them even more comfortable to carry.
  • Thanks to the padded shoulder straps and padded back, roll-top backpacks are very comfortable. Pressure on the back and shoulders is also reduced.

Another unique feature of the roll-top backpack is its design, which makes it a real eye-catcher.

Sustainability is a top priority with the roll-top backpack

At koffer24, we not only offer you high-quality branded items, we also pay attention to sustainability and thus protect the environment. Many of our roll-top backpacks are made from recycled materials, such as ocean plastic. Collected plastic is thus reprocessed and protects nature and the environment. Find the right roll-top backpack for your adventures in our online store. Browse through our large selection and take a look at the features. You will find important information such as size, volume and weight for each roll-top backpack. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we are always happy to help.

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