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2-wheel suitcase

The classic among suitcases is probably the two-roller suitcase. It has been popular with travelers for decades because it is comfortable and easy to move even on uneven floors. You pull a suitcase with two wheels behind you. This means that you have to exert some force when you are traveling on surfaces that are not completely smooth, but the two-wheel suitcase is forgiving of stones, gravel and holes in the ground and you can simply pull it over them. Another advantage of a two-wheeled suitcase is that, thanks to its two feet next to the wheels, it remains stable even on sloping surfaces and does not roll away. It has a secure stand and can therefore be placed next to you without any problems while you wait for your onward journey, by whatever means of transport.

2-wheel suitcases for all occasions

Two-roller suitcases are ideal for all types of travel. That's why they are available in all conceivable sizes and as hard-shell cases as well as soft cases. At koffer24, we offer you a large selection of two-roller suitcases in different colors and designs. We attach great importance to high quality. This means that your suitcase is durable and sustainable and can accompany you on all your trips.

City trips - long-distance travel - travel destinations for the whole year - business trips - traveling with the family - traveling by car