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Garment bags

Garment bags are indispensable when it comes to transporting garments without damage. In most cases, they are particularly high-quality clothes for special occasions. Often wedding dresses or dresses for wedding guests are transported to the big day in them. But garment bags are also used a lot on business trips. After all, especially in everyday business, the first impression is crucial. The suit, the blouse or the sheath dress must be transported gently so that they do not crease or even get a stain. Garment bags are therefore the first choice for transporting important items of clothing.

Garment bags in various designs

However, garment bags are not only practical when traveling. Often, especially expensive or delicate garments are also stored in them in the closet at home. That's why garment bags come in a wide variety of designs. Some have a viewing window so that you can see at first glance what is hidden inside. Other models are cut wider at the bottom, so that even expansive dresses find room in it. However, they all have one thing in common. In a high quality, they are breathable and moisture repellent. They also have a low weight, so you can easily carry them. At Koffer24 you will find garment bags, so that you can transport your expensive or especially cherished clothes gently or store them well protected.