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Shipping to Switzerland

As simple as possible

Shipping from the EU to Switzerland must go through customs and import processing. This requires customs and tax documents, is error-prone and costs time and fees. For deliveries to Switzerland we therefore recommend the special service of MeinEinkauf.ch

Kofffer24 hands over the goods to the specialist; all customs formalities and the delivery to your door will then be handled by MeinEinkauf.ch for a small fee. You will receive your goods quickly, cheaply and ready for customs clearance.

How can you use the service of meineinkauf.ch?


Simply register at www.meineinkauf.ch. Here you will receive a personal e-mail address (vorname.nachname@meineinkauf.ch).

Create customer account

With the personal vorname.nachname@meineinkauf.ch e-mail address you can now create a customer account in our online store.


Place your order in our online store www.koffer24.de by entering your personal vorname.nachname@meineinkauf.ch e-mail address.

Shipping AND billing address

Please use the following address only.

Important! In addition to the address to MeinEinkauf GmbH, please also pay attention to your payment method.

MeinEinkauf GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 160
D-78467 Konstanz

Automatic process

As usual!

All order and shipping information will be automatically forwarded from your email address (vorname.nachname@meineinkauf.ch) to your private email address.

The MeinEinkauf.ch team stays informed about the status of your order at the same time in order to send it to your address in Switzerland as soon as possible. You can then view the status of your order approximately 48 hours after receipt at www.meineinkauf.ch under "My Orders".

Transparent payment

You pay your ordered goods directly in our store Koffer24. With your goods you will then receive a separate invoice for the service fee from MeinEinkauf.ch.

You can find all information at MeinEinkauf.ch