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Traveling by car: the road is calling

Do you love the freedom that traveling by car offers and are planning a road trip? It's a great way to explore the world and stay in control of your journey. However, before you hit the road, there are some important things to consider, both in terms of your car and the luggage you want to take with you.

With the whole family in the car - a challenge

Anyone who has ever travelled with children knows how much organizational talent this requires. It's easier if the children have their own suitcases. These suitcases are smaller and visually appealing for children. This way, your offspring will have fun packing their suitcases and will certainly try to load everything for the trip into their own luggage. If the parents then pack a medium-sized suitcase or a large suitcase together, there will be enough space in the trunk to keep everything organized. A special tip for traveling by car is to use soft suitcases. These are more flexible in shape than hard-shell cases and can therefore save a few centimetres of space in the trunk. At koffer24, we offer suitcases in various sizes as well as a large selection of children's suitcases.

Prepare the car: Safety first

Before you hit the road, you should make sure your car is in good condition. Here are some things you should check:

1. maintenance: make sure your car has been serviced recently. Check oil, brakes, tires and all major fluids.

2. roadside assistance: Pack a roadside assistance kit with a warning triangle, tow rope, tools and a spare tire.

3. documents: Don't forget to take your vehicle documents, driver's license and proof of insurance with you. Also check whether you need additional documents or vignettes for certain countries.

The right luggage for your road trip

Choosing the right luggage is crucial to ensure space and safety in the car. Here are some tips on what to look out for:

1. utilize luggage space: Make the most of your car's trunk space. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom and close to the rear axle to ensure the stability of the vehicle.

2. roof rack: If you need extra storage space, a roof rack can be useful. Make sure that the luggage is securely fastened and that the load capacity limits of the roof rack are not exceeded.

3. organization and accessibility: Pack your luggage in such a way that you can easily access the items you need without having to clear out the entire trunk. Think of a bag for important documents, snacks and drinks.

4. weight distribution: distribute the weight evenly in the car to ensure better driving stability. Heavy items should be near the center of the vehicle.

5. emergency kit: Pack an emergency kit with blankets, water, flashlight and bandages. You never know when it might come in handy.

Car cases for special models

At first glance, some cars are not necessarily made for traveling. This is often the case with convertibles. But there is a solution for this too. At koffer24, we offer you car cases that also fit in a small trunk. They are often made of flexible materials and have special sizes. With a suitcase, you are therefore able to set off on vacation even with a small trunk.

Here you can choose your car boot by vehicle and model

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Practical considerations when packing

Here are some practical things to consider when packing for your road trip:

1. clothing: Pack weather-appropriate clothing that is suitable for different weather conditions. Also think about comfortable shoes for long journeys.

2. travel essentials: Bring maps or a navigation device, chargers for electronic devices and perhaps a travel pillow for more comfort.

3. snacks and drinks: Make sure you have enough provisions to satisfy hunger and thirst on the road.

4. entertainment: If you are traveling with children, pack games, books or electronic entertainment for them to make the journey more enjoyable.

A safe and fun road trip

Traveling by car offers the freedom to discover new places and experience unforgettable adventures. By properly preparing your car and carefully selecting and organizing your luggage, you can ensure that your road trip is safe and enjoyable. Think about safety, the right weight distribution in the car and the emergency equipment you need to be prepared for any situation. Enjoy the ride and the freedom that a road trip offers as you explore new places and make memories.