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On the road by bike


On the road on two wheels

There's a reason why bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation. After all, you can get from A to B relatively quickly and easily, get out in the fresh air and train your stamina to boot. If you also like cycling, then you will know that, despite all the advantages, it can quickly become complicated if you have a lot to transport, because you need your hands to steer. But don't worry, there are perfect solutions for this.

Out and about by bike in everyday life

Perhaps you don't spend your free time actively cycling, but instead cycle to your favorite leisure activities. You need to be prepared for this too. A backpack is always a good choice, as you still have your hands free for riding. If you only cover short distances, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bike backpack. Depending on your situation, a daypack or laptop backpack will suffice. If your everyday items don't need a lot of space, then a small handlebar bag or saddle bag is the right choice for you. At koffer24 you will find all the equipment you need for your leisure time on your bike. We offer you bike backpacks, backpacks for everyday use, luggage carrier bags, handlebar bags and saddle bags in various designs.

Extensive tours by bike

A bike tour is a rightly popular leisure activity. It allows you to unwind and enjoy nature while exercising your body. You can go on a bike tour alone, with friends or even with the whole family. The right luggage is crucial for a successful tour. If you are out for a day, a rucksack will probably be enough. Bike backpacks are adapted in size and shape to the demands of cycling. They are usually slightly narrower than normal rucksacks and the straps are positioned further forward. This makes them ideal for a seated position on the bike. Breathable material is also important for a bike backpack, as you can get quite sweaty on your bike. If you are on the road for longer than just one day, then panniers are a good choice. As the name suggests, these are attached to the pannier rack and provide enough space for clothing and provisions.

Discover our practical bike bags and backpacks

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