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Crossover bags

A crossover bag is the perfect companion for anyone who can't decide between a rucksack and a handbag. Crossover bags are a hybrid of the two. The shape resembles a rucksack, but is more triangular. Crossover bags are worn on the back, but not over both shoulders like a classic rucksack, but diagonally, like a shoulder bag. However, the shoulder strap is usually a little wider than that of a rucksack or shoulder bag, which gives the crossover bag a sporty look.

Crossover bags for sport and everyday life

Crossover bags are suitable for many different leisure activities. They are particularly popular with sports enthusiasts. Thanks to their low weight, they are ideal for carrying all the items you need when jogging, cycling or inline skating without having to carry too much weight. Crossover bags, which also have a hip belt to prevent them from slipping, are particularly suitable for all sporting activities. The shape with the one-sided shoulder strap also ensures that you can easily access the main compartment at any time by simply swinging the bag forward. But crossover bags are also perfect for everyday use. At koffer24 you will find different models for every situation.