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Soft luggage as hand luggage

Soft suitcases are somewhat more flexible than their hard-shell counterparts due to their soft fabric exterior. They are therefore particularly suitable if you want to take a little more with you, but don't want to carry an extra piece of luggage that is one size larger. Soft suitcases also weigh slightly less than hard-shell suitcases and are therefore particularly suitable for train journeys or as hand luggage on airplanes. Soft suitcases are also ideal for car journeys, as they can be compressed a little if necessary to create space in the trunk. And if you've already finished packing but then remember something you've forgotten, you can quickly put it in thanks to the flexible exterior of soft suitcases without having to repack the whole suitcase.

Large selection of soft suitcases at koffer24

At koffer24 you can find soft suitcases in all imaginable sizes and colors. They are particularly popular as trolleys, as many people prefer to pack luggage that they have to hand in on an airplane in hard-shell cases so that it is better protected. However, the flexible and lighter soft suitcases are also available in larger sizes. Equipped with a telescopic handle, they are easy to pull or push and therefore do not have to be carried.

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