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Suitcases & trolleys

Whether you're planning a short trip or a long journey, one thing is clear: you need the right luggage. With our suitcases and trolleys, you'll be perfectly equipped, no matter where your trip takes you. Suitcases come in different sizes and shapes. Models with wheels are particularly popular and practical, but there is also the classic carry-on model. A trolley is the smallest form of suitcase, which is also often used as hand luggage on airplanes. There are hard-shell cases and soft cases in all sizes. If you are looking for a suitcase or trolley with wheels, you can choose between two wheels and four wheels. Two-wheel cases have the advantage that they can be pulled easily even on uneven ground. In addition, they cannot roll away thanks to two fixed legs. Four-wheel suitcases, on the other hand, can be pushed comfortably next to you.

Find suitable suitcases & trolleys at koffer24

At koffer24, we value quality. That's why we work with well-known brands as well as smaller companies whose products have impressed us. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the suitcases and trolleys you find with us are durable and therefore sustainable. Start your next trip worry-free with the right luggage to store everything you need for your life on the road.

Always travel safely with a trolley

A piece of luggage should first and foremost serve to transport and protect your luggage safely. However, it should also offer other advantages for the traveler. It is therefore a question of comfort which type of luggage you choose. Whether suitcase, trolley, travel bag or backpack - every type of luggage has its advantages and the choice is often purely a matter of taste. We would like to take a closer look at the trolley here. Because whether you're on a long trip or a short break, you can never go wrong with a trolley. Trolleys are available in different sizes so that you can always store your luggage well. We would like to take a closer look at the other advantages of a trolley.

The advantages of a trolley

Trolleys are also known as wheeled suitcases. And anyone who thinks that they have been around for a long time is mistaken. Trolleys were first invented in 1987 by an American pilot who no longer wanted to carry his suitcase and simply bolted two wheels underneath it. The trolley was born and with it all its advantages.

  • It was invented for ease of transportation - and that is one of its biggest advantages!
  • It's also easy on the back, as you pull the trolley behind you and don't have to carry any heavy loads.
  • As trolleys usually have good padding, your luggage is well protected. Incidentally, there are hard luggage and soft luggage trolleys.
  • Overall, trolleys - especially the new models - are made of particularly lightweight material, which reduces the overall weight.
  • As trolleys often have pockets and compartments inside, luggage can be better organized.

Large selection of trolleys at koffer24

If you would also like to take advantage of the benefits of a trolley, you will find a wide selection of different models in various sizes at koffer24. We offer you quality from well-known brands that you can still benefit from even after many trips, as the trolleys will last a long time and accompany you safely wherever you go thanks to their high-quality manufacturing.