Whether you’re a demanding lawncare professional or a large acre homeowner, there’s simply no better commercial-grade zero-turn mower than the Renegade Mower.


It offers the best of everything we’ve advanced in the industry, while still being firmly rooted in the build quality, ease of use and toughness that every Bad Boy Mower is built on. 

The Renegade features our All New 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension — the first and only of its kind in the industry. Its front suspension arms provide a smoother ride, more consistent tire contact and increased hillside stability. Paired with our All New Adjustable Footrest and Premium Suspension Seat, the Renegade provides all-day comfort with unsurpassed cutting power. There’s never been a more powerful mower to comfortably dominate your terrain.

Model Engine Deck Size Price
Renegade Kohler EFI 38.5HP 61" $13,236.00
Renegade Kohler EFI 38.5HP 72" $13,413.00
Renegade 1100cc Perkins 24.7HP 61" $19,000.00

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