The Maverick is a mower in a class by itself. It’s our newest zero-turn mower to feature Integrated Drive Systems and our patented EZ-Ride System — and at a breakthrough price!


In addition to many style updates, the Maverick has added the heavy duty I-BEAM INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION, plus new front forks, allowing the Maverick to glide over rough terrain. There is a new seat and new drive arm controls to make your mowing even better!

The independent front arm support absorbs the ground ahead, while dual rear individual compression shocks support each drivetrain individually for a truly independent suspended driving experience.

With the Maverick’s vibration suppression, there’s never been a smoother ride. Less bouncing through uneven terrain allows the deck to glide much more evenly — producing a cleaner, more manicured cut for you. Packed with a popular high-performance engine—the Maverick delivers all the power to bear on whatever you’re mowing.

Model Engine Deck Size Price
Maverick Kohler Confidant 25HP 48" $6,615.00
Maverick Kohler Confidant 25HP 54" $6,716.00
Maverick Kohler Confidant 25Hp 60" $6,867.00
Maverick Kawasaki FS730 24HP 48" $7,069.00
Maverick Kawasaki FS730 24HP 54" $7,170.00
Maverick Kawasaki FS730 24HP 60" $7,322.00
Maverick Briggs CXI27 27HP 48" $6,615.00
Maverick Briggs CXI27 27HP 54" $6,716.00
Maverick Briggs CXI27 27HP 60" $6,867.00

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